Ecom Copy Crash Course

Learn how to use timeless sales, marketing, and copywriting fundamentals to build highly profitable e-commerce stores that make you passive income in your sleep

Dear Friend,

This is painful for me to watch, but 99% of e-commerce beginners are strangling their sales at the source.

They’re creating beautiful stores, picking winning products, and running solid ads, yet they’re not making as many sales as the should be (or even any at all).

And there’s a very specific, yet very simple reason for this.

The good news is, it’s an easy fix!

And today, I want to share it with you.

If you don’t know me, my name is Nate Schmidt. I’m a 21 year old college drop out, and I make hundreds (and sometimes even thousands) of dollars per day (profit, not revenue) with e-commerce.

It’s totally normal to me now, but if you’d have told me this would be my life just a few short months ago...

I would’ve said you were crazy, there’s just no way!

But, that was a few months ago.

And a lot has changed since then.

So I want to tell you my story, because I think it’s gonna clear some things up for you.

"Nate’s ECCC course is the perfect primer for anyone to jump in with direct response marketing. It’s almost all substance, with zero fluff. No fancy bells and whistles, which is what makes it stand out. In a day where everybody wants the “fanciest funnel” or “super duper sequence”, a simple return to the basics of marketing in ECCC can help anyone reach their e-com goals in an efficient and direct manner."

- Kyle Trouble, This Is Trouble

Before I dropped out, I was attending college here in my home state of North Carolina, taking out thousands of dollars in student loans to listen to clueless marketing professors who had never even done what they teach.

That didn’t add up, so I dropped out, and I set off on a journey to create a full-time income for myself online.

I worked at a pizza place as a delivery boy to support myself in the mean time, while spending every waking moment of free time chained to my desk, learning the fundamentals of sales and marketing.

And kind of by coincidence, around the time I dropped out, I found e-commerce, and specifically, Shopify dropshipping.

Once I learned about the business model, I immediately became hooked. The idea of selling products online for a profit, products I never even have to touch, using nothing but my laptop and Internet connection… it was intoxicating.

So, I built my first store in January of this year.

A few weeks later, I made my first sale. I still remember that feeling like it was yesterday. It was $6.95, and even though it took me $20 in ad spend to make that sale, at that point...

It was like a shark tasting blood!

Unfortunately, that store (a music festival accessories store) failed.

But, it was too late.

I was already hooked.

There was no going back.

So, I created another store.

And, made my “second” first sale a few days later.

That was back in February, and since then, what I’ve been able to achieve (at least, I think), is nothing short of incredible.

"I'd love to take full credit for Nate's meteoric rise from a complete unknown to a successful dropshipper. That wouldn't quite be honest on my part though. The truth is, while I gave Nate the roadmap to starting a profitable store, that's not the key to his success. The reason why Nate has been able to make so much money very quickly, is his understanding of human nature, persuasion and copywriting. And that's exactly what you're going to learn from him in his new course, ECCC."

- James Holt, Start Selling Stuff

I’ve made dangerously close to 6 figures with that store alone, which has allowed me to do things like travel to New Zealand on a whim, move out of my mom’s house, and just do what I love while living like a king.

(It’s crazy what’s possible with the Internet nowadays when you do the right things consistently…)

Anyways, this is what I’m here to tell you:

It’s that, if you want something like this, complete financial and locational freedom from e-commerce (which despite what these “gurus” tell you, is absolutely still possible in 2018, even as a complete beginner — I’m first hand proof)...

You have to have something that the 99% of failing newbies don’t.

It sounds obvious, but very few people actually understand what I’m about to tell you (which is why something like 90% of new Shopify stores are closed within 3 months).

If you want to have success with e-commerce, you NEED a fundamental understanding of sales, marketing, and copywriting.

Because when it comes down to it, ecom is 95% marketing.

(Arguably 100%…)

And that’s why I was able to have so much success so fast.

Because as I mentioned earlier, when I dropped out, and even while I was still in school, I was ALWAYS studying sales and marketing.

Old school guys like Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert. These guys understood sales. And they made millions as a result. So I studied the hell out of them. I read and hand-copied their sales letters, analyzed them, and started figuring out how to apply their 7 figure strategies to e-commerce.

The great thing about sales is, the medium doesn’t matter.

Because it’s based on a fundamental understanding of human nature (fears, desires, insecurities, why people buy, etc.). And these are things that don’t change. So once you understand this stuff, you can use it to make money with any business model. E-commerce, direct mail, even selling door-to-door.

It’s all the same.

It’s just that, the overwhelming majority of people are lazy, and don’t actually take the time to learn the fundamentals of sales and marketing.

"I've watched Nate go from a broke college kid to making people's rent within a few days. Why? Because he understands human nature and how to sell. But that isn't what has impressed me. It's the free content he puts out for people. Content that he could charge you thousands of dollars for. Whether you wanna make big money online or simply navigate through life better. ECCC is one of the few courses that'll tell you what you need to know and leave the scraps in the trash where they belong."

- Dylan Madden, Calm And Collected

Meanwhile, I’m over here making hundreds of dollars per day thinking,

“Well, it’s no coincidence they fail! They don’t even know the basics of the most important aspect of e-commerce — sales and marketing!”

So, if you haven’t made any sales, or not enough to support yourself fully yet, I’ll let you in on the little “trick” I used to learn sales and marketing.

I chained myself to my desk for 12-16 hours per day and learned the fundamentals!

No one likes hearing this, but it’s true.

I spent almost every waking hour that I wasn’t delivering pizza at my desk, studying, learning, and applying this stuff.

And I believe it’s the only reason I was able to create a full-time income with e-commerce so fast.

But the thing is, most people aren’t in my situation. They can’t just drop everything and spend all day everyday learning this stuff. They have jobs, obligations, families even.

It’s just not feasible.

And I get that.

Which is exactly why I created the product you see here, Ecom Copy Crash Course.

Taking everything I learned about sales and marketing by chaining myself to my desk for months on end, I applied them to my e-commerce store. I recorded the results, figured out what worked and what didn’t, took notes, the whole nine.

And now I’ve put all of that information into one place, to make it as quick and easy as possible for a complete beginner to learn the fundamentals of sales and marketing, specifically as they apply to e-commerce.

So, that’s what this is.

Everything I know that’s allowed me to make multiple five figures profit per month with e-commerce, all packaged up in one place, and designed to take a complete beginner from zero to their first $100, $1,000, even $10,000 and beyond.

Really, I think it’s the missing “puzzle piece” for anyone who has tried and failed with e-commerce and dropshipping.

But, I want to make one thing clear:

This is NOT a comprehensive dropshipping or e-commerce course.

Those are a dime a dozen nowadays and rarely ever put enough focus on the most important aspect of e-commerce (marketing). And I think that’s why most of them have such a low success rate, despite costing upwards of $1,000.

I wanted to create something different, something that would ACTUALLY help people, by providing information that can’t easily be found for free on YouTube, that is focused 100% on what I know for a FACT is the reason people in the “1%” are able to make so much money, while everyone else struggles.

And that’s sales and marketing.

Really, this course is for anyone who wants to make an income for themselves online.

It’s so principle-based it can be applied to just about anything, but it’s main focus is e-commerce and dropshipping.

I can’t tell you if it’s right for you, but there are two types of people I believe will benefit the most from this course:

  1. Those who are currently either interested or actually doing e-commerce or dropshipping, but haven’t made as much $$ as they want, or any at all (people I often, maybe insensitively, refer to as “failing newbies”)
  2. Those who currently have NO online sales experience, but know the potential it has to be truly life-changing (again, I’m a first hand example), and want to understand just how people like me are able to do it

"ECCC has given me a greater understanding behind the principles of sales and copywriting. I have applied the teachings to help make my dropshipping store profitable in it's first week."

- Peter Dagda, Rise And Claim

So, that’s the jist of it.

Ecom Copy Crash Course is $332, and is divided into 5 main sections + 2 bonus sections.

The first two are designed to give you a foundational understanding of sales, marketing, and copywriting, and can be applied to a wide variety of business models to make lots of sales, regardless of the medium.

The last three are designed with the goal of helping you apply these principles specifically to e-commerce.

These sections are on creating killer ads that catch attention and persuade people to click through to your website, turning your website into an online “salesman”, who 24/7, no matter what, is making it as easy and enjoyable as possible for people to give you their money, and a final section on how to write persuasive web copy that moves people to click that coveted “Add To Cart” button at a ridiculous rate. If you do this part right, it’s almost like “forcing” people to give you their money, because...

Your writing is so persuasive, they feel like they have no choice but to buy!

That’s the layout, and honestly it’s a lot of really hard information.

Other courses I’ve taken contain a lot of “fluff” to make it seem like there’s more information than there actually is. I think that’s incredibly dumb, because not only does it not serve a purpose, but it actually can make you lose credibility.

When creating ECCC, I made it a point to make sure every sentence, every piece of content, was there for a reason.

And that reason is to teach you the fundamentals of sales and marketing as they apply to e-commerce so you can see what us “successful” (I don’t really consider myself super successful, but) ecom guys are doing, and apply it to your own stuff and start making money now, not later.

Anyway, this means ECCC can be a lot to digest.

So if you decide to get the course, I’d highly recommend you consume all the material multiple times over to make sure you get the most out of it.

And while I’ve only just recently launched Ecom Copy Crash Course, I’ve already gotten tons of really great feedback from people who are using this stuff to make real money with dropshipping.

So you can check that out at the bottom of this page if you want.

Overall, if you’re looking to make money with e-commerce, and feel like you’re going at it blindfolded...

I think this will be the best investment you’ll ever make.

This stuff has helped me immensely, and I think really is the entire reason behind my success in the first place.

There’s nothing more important when it comes to earning an income online than sales and marketing, and that’s exactly what Ecom Copy Crash Course will teach you.

So, I really hope you take advantage of all the work I’ve put into creating this.

I truly believe it will remove the “blindfold” for a lot of people, and just save so much time and headache compared to everyone else who just simply doesn’t understand this stuff.

To get the course, just click the button below that says, "Enroll In Course For $332" and you'll be taken to a secure checkout page where you'll get access to the course immediately upon completion of payment.

Thanks for reading.

Nate Schmidt

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Course Curriculum

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The dead simple "common sense" reason I was able to make a full-time income online so fast (it normally takes most people years to get to where I am today, yet for this one reason I was able to bypass months and years of struggle and heartache, and I show you exactly how I did it in this section).

How my best friend (who's a drummer) went from broke in the basement to having more paid gigs than he could handle (I taught him the exact stuff I teach in this course, and while it's geared towards e-commerce, it's so principle-based that it can be applied to make more sales of whatever you're selling, whether it be physical products, info products, music gigs, whatever).

Why dropshipping and e-commerce can actually be much harder than other biz models (there's a little something called "buyer intent" that makes selling much easier, but your customers likely won't have this, so I show you how to overcome this by "forcing" the impulse buy).

The "stealth" way to find profitable products that are all but guaranteed to sell (90% of e-com store owners don't do this, but it's a really simple and 100% FREE way to get an edge on competitors and take the "guesswork" out of product picking).

The 5 completely unscientific questions to answer that will tell you exactly what your market wants in as little as 2 hours (one of the keys to making lots of sales is having an offer people actually want, and these 5 questions will reveal what that is for your market as soon as today if you follow the guidelines I lay out in this section).


Why anyone who knows and applies these 9 principles will ALWAYS be able to put food on the table (even in the worst recession, if you understand this stuff, you'll be able to make out like a bandit while everyone else is struggling just to find scraps for dinner).

The "so simple a monkey could do it" 3 step process for picking a profitable niche in the e-commerce space (people are always worried about what products to sell, but really they should be focused on who to sell these products to, since most people don't even have the disposable income required for you to build your own ecom empire).

Why I don't pay attention to click-through-rates, engagement, or any other "vanity" metric (some "gurus" swear by these metrics, but in this section I reveal why they're really just stroking their own ego, and what metrics to actually pay attention to put the most $$ in your pocket).

How to ethically and effectively use emotional triggers to make lots of sales (this is something I picked up in my short stint as a freelance copywriter for a multi-million dollar supplement company, and something that almost feels like cheating when done right with e-commerce and dropshipping because it's so effective).

The "lazy man's" trick for learning how to write highly persuasive copy (I picked this up from one of my mentors, Ben Settle, and it allowed me to learn how to write great copy faster than NASCAR, without having to spend hundreds of hours reading copywriting books like everyone else).


Why two stores selling the exact same product, at the exact same price, with the exact same strategies, often have wildly different sales numbers, and how to make sure you're always the one that comes out on top (it all comes down to how you make people FEEL, and could easily make the difference between $200 in sales per day vs. $2,000)

The one aspect of social media advertising that sets 6 and 7 figure dropshippers like Hayden Bowles and Sebastian Ghiorghiu apart from everyone else (95% of dropshippers don't do this, and ironically, it has nothing to do with writing copy -- yet, since implementing this one strategy, my sales have increased by over 40%).

5 specific examples of Facebook ads that use the strategy I mention above, that you can easily and ethically swipe for your own use (I don't usually like giving specific "hand-holding" examples like this, but these ads have done millions of dollars of sales collectively, so against my better judgement, I share them in this section anyway).

Why the first sentence in your ad copy is hands down the most important, and how to structure it in a way that "hooks" people in and makes them actually WANT to read your ad (most people hate reading ads, but when you structure it the way I show here, you make people so interested that they almost have no choice but to read it).

2 copy "secrets" I use in all my ads to increase engagement, click-through-rates, and most importantly, sales (most people know the first one, but very few know the second one, which is a shame because it's put plenty a peso in my pocket over these past few months).


My personal list of the 5 things I brand my store with to make it as easy, simple, and enjoyable as possible for people to give me their hard-earned money (this goes overlooked by 90% of newbies, yet is very important because you’ll make a lot more sales when people actually enjoy buying from you).

How to make your dinky little dropshipping store indistinguishable from big name brands (The Wall Street Journal recently published an article “exposing” the dropshipping business model to the masses, so if you get this part wrong, a lot of people will know and it’s very likely you’ll lose sales because of it).

A live example of how I display trust on my stores (with e-commerce, you’re asking total strangers to give you their money, which in any other case would be near impossible, but if you do it how I do it people will have no problem handing over their personal information to you in as little as 5 minutes).

Why the human brain is, by default, wired to respond positively to this one psychological “hack” (it’s not rocket science, but it’s very easy to mess up, so I show you how to take advantage of this “short circuit” in the human brain to make lots of sales).

One deadly mistake almost every newbie dropshipper makes when trying to increase sales using scarcity (of the dozens of people who've sent me their stores for review, all but 2 have made this mistake, and they think it’s helping, but it’s actually strangling their sales because people see right through it).


How to craft highly persuasive product descriptions that hold people “hostage” until they click Add To Cart (when you write like this, it’s almost like you have a gun to their head, because in their mind they essentially have no choice buy to buy).

A centuries-old sales strategy used by some of the best salesman in history that works like gangbusters with e-commerce (I see very few people actually taking the time to do this, but once I implemented it on one of my products, sales skyrocketed, literally overnight).

The subtle difference between writing ad copy and writing product descriptions (this is another one of those psychological “hacks” that takes advantage of a “short circuit” in the human brain to almost force people to buy your stuff).

A “hold my hand” example where I craft a killer product description for an imaginary product step-by-step (this part alone took me over 2 hours to create, but contains some of my most effective copy “tricks” for persuading people to buy now, not later).

Why you should always include this one sentence in all of your product descriptions, no matter what you’re selling (this applies to selling anything, not just e-commerce, and has to do with giving people a “reason” to buy — since, without one, it’s very likely they won’t).


6 real life examples of great Instagram ads with detailed video commentary about the good, the bad, and how to apply the good to your own ads while dispelling the bad.

A full transcript (highlighted and annotated by yours truly) of my podcast appearance on Kyle Trouble’s “Troublesome Radio,” where we talk dropshipping, advanced Facebook ads strategies, persuasive writing, email marketing, and more.

The ECCC “Cheat Sheet” (an easy-to-refer-back-to PDF containing all the most important information from the course for your easy viewing pleasure).

A “Big Nate’s Big Tweets” section where I’ve put together some of my best performing and most actionable tweets for you to use to make more sales, be more persuasive, and get what you want from life.

A “What Now?” section, containing specific and highly actionable advice for using the information in ECCC to either create your own profitable Shopify store or make your current store even more profitable.


A no-holds-barred, 100% uncensored, behind-the-scenes look at one of my exact Shopify product pages (the product, the copy, the visuals, the upsells, literally everything that allows me to enjoy a 3-5% conversion rate from ice cold traffic).

The "secret" tool I use to construct high converting product pages in 30 minutes or less (it's hands down the best $29 I spend every month, since I make it back in spades with just a few sales).

Exactly how I construct my Facebook ad copy + visuals to get ridiculously cheap traffic (in many cases, it even ends up being 100% free because people share it with their friends like it's going out of style).

A 17-minute "I'll probably regret sharing this" video revealing my never-before-seen strategy for finding winning dropshipping products using nothing but Facebook and AliExpress (I've been hesitant to share this because it really is one of my dropshipping "secrets," but since you're a paying customer I believe it's the right thing to do).

"Niche-Picking For Dummies" video slideshow with commentary (contains my three criteria for picking a profitable niche + 24 ready-to-use examples of profitable niches that fit these criteria).

Plus... a new video showing my Facebook ads dashboard for the entire month of June 2018 (includes detailed guidance as to exactly when to kill an ad, keep it running, or scale it to the moon).

This course is closed for enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ECCC about?
ECCC is about the *specific* marketing, sales, and copywriting fundamentals absolutely necessary to create and run highly profitable online businesses. It is NOT a comprehensive online business course. Instead, it's all about the most important aspect of online business -- marketing. Other courses go wide, ECCC goes deep. It's meant to show you exactly how to take any proven business model and make it make money hand over first using timeless sales principles.
Who is ECCC for?
ECCC is for anyone interested in creating financial and locational freedom for themselves via an online business. The content is geared towards e-commerce, but is so principle based it can be applied to just about any business venture (online or offline).
Who is ECCC NOT for?
ECCC is NOT for anyone looking for a "magic pill," to "get rich quick," or anything of the like. I don't catch fish for you. I teach you *how* to fish, so you can build your own online empire, not get your hand held. The needy, unmotivated, and those lacking drive need not apply.
How long do I have access to the course?
For life. The principles inside of ECCC are timeless. You will want to refer back to them for years to come. Once you're inside, you'll have access forever.
What is your refund policy?
If you're asking this question, I don't want you buying my products. I didn't get where I am by quitting, and I don't feel the need to cater to quitters, either. I know for a fact that what I've created here is worth far more than the price you'll pay for it. For this reason, there are NO REFUNDS. Again, if a refund policy is going to be the deciding factor for you, I'd prefer you just not buy from me in the first place.
Why did you create ECCC?
While building my personal brand, I came across one major problem that 99% of failing "online business newbies" make: They don't know how to sell! I learned to sell via freelance copywriting, which is a big part of the reason I've been able to create a full-time income so fast at the ripe age of 21. I've taken everything I've learned through real experience and testing (that took me months and even years to learn), and put it all in one place so you can learn it in just a matter of days. Think of it as the "expedited shipping" option when it comes to learning marketing for online business.
What koalaifies you to sell a course about sales and marketing?
Over the past year, I've spent just about every single day chained to my desk, on my laptop, learning and applying the exact principles I teach in this course. I've used them to make tens of thousands (and soon to be hundreds of thousands) of dollars selling physical products through Shopify. I've gone from broke and delivering pizza to financially free and doing what I love, and am all too happy to share my ways with people who will actually apply the information I give them.
Why is the course text-based and hosted through Teachable?
The content inside ECCC is very "hard" teaching, direct, and actionable. You will need to refer back to it multiple times to get a full understanding of the information, and even more so when applying it. Videos make it very difficult to easily refer back to crucial info. The course is text-based so you can always easily refer back to it and get the absolute most out of your money. It's hosted through Teachable because it's an "evergreen" course, meaning I will be adding more and more content as time goes on. I'm constantly learning and applying new things, and e-commerce is constantly evolving. Since you trust me enough to give me your hard-earned cash, I think it's only right that I continue adding and modifying the information to make it the best it can be, now and forever.


"Nate's course is an absolute steal. Seriously, when I think about the time I spent in college classes paying upwards of 5 or 10 times the cost of this course, I contrast it to what I picked up from Nate's course. The thing is it's all actionable, strategic advice. Imagine paying $1500 to sit in a psychology or business class where you learn nothing but how to memorize an overpriced textbook. Nate's course incorporates psychology, business, advertising, human nature, and evolutionary psychology and packages it ALL as ACTIONABLE ADVICE. For anyone that is serious about making money online, this course is an absolute steal!"

- David May

"Loved it. It's packed with timeless, sales-boosting principles you can apply to your Ecommerce store. All laid out in step-by-step fashion, and easy to follow. Thanks Nate!"

- Jakub Remiszewski

"I always naturally leaned towards the sales and marketing side of business, no matter what I was doing. ECCC has shown me strategies I used naturally in the past without knowing it and some new strategies I am looking forward to applying ASAP. ECCC is akin to having a good coach show you the fundamentals so you can then apply it to YOUR game in whatever field it is."

- Marshall Prince

"Getting ECCC definitely shortened my learning curve when it came to sales/marketing. Nate breaks down how to write compelling copy that will result in sales. If you are new to sales or are struggling getting the basics down then you need to get ECCC today."

- John Woodbury

"Whether you're new to the e-commerce game or have been in it for a while, Nate's Ecom Copy Crash Course will open them beautiful eyes to what's really needed to make it online. No fluff, packed full of info - since going over the course It's made me see how much I've done wrong (& helped me fix them right up), highly recommended."

- Connor McLeod

"Nate Schmidt's ECCCourse succinctly identifies the psychological principles behind sales and shows exactly how to apply them to online sales writing. His course has quickly improved the quality of my copy and the result has been more sales and bigger profits."

- Graeme Ono

"It's like you said, strategies that work now won't work forever. But the fundamentals will always be there. This course did a great job of explaining the fundamentals and told you exactly what you needed to know without any fluff. Worthy investment."

- Milan Patel

"Even without putting it in practice yet (just finished ECCC a few mins ago) I can say that the course pointed out a lot of valuable opportunities and points of view that seem so obvious, but I never thought of (especially regarding the use of forums; researching a product for a market, instead of imagining a market for a product you just think might sell; and many more. So thanks, I feel like this is a great resource, and more importantly, great value for money."

- António Gonçalves

"Anyone serious about making money online but doesn’t purchase this course is not serious about making money online. Straight up."

- Julius Spades

"EcomCrashCopyCourse was the perfect supplement to my previous experience in Marketing, while getting into more detail on dropshipping / writing copy. With this knowledge now in my arsenal, I've nearly set my store up (coming soon) and have been commissioned for a copy writing gig. Thanks for all your hard work!"

- Victor Romo

"As a clueless noob starting out, it can be overwhelming to sift through all the get-rich-quick hucksters selling outdated information that doesn't even apply these days. With the ECCC, you're getting access to the methods Nate is currently using with demonstrated success. Combining the foundation of knowledge in this course with the right amount of effort, I don't see why anybody shouldn't be able to create their own successful e-commerce business."

- Andrew Wesselschmidt

"Anyone getting into e-com should consider completion of this course a requirement. Nate has ruthlessly cut the fat on this information and, as such, every single section has practical, actionable items that you will return to throughout your journey into e-commerce. Nate didn't put this together just to make a profit (because, if he did, he'd be charging 10x what he is, at least), he did it to provide you (us) with the tools to succeed, and do so at a faster rate."

- Devin Arnold

This course is closed for enrollment.